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Artist: Mark Dion

Title: Perilous Adventures Field Apparatus

Year: 2019

Medium: Suite of 19 two-color lithographs and screenprinted box

Size: paper size is 6x6 inches

Materials: Custom made cedar cigar box lined with green kitakata paper, prints are on Soft White Somerset Satin paper

Printer's Proof

Mark Dion Suite of 19 Lithographs

SKU: 364115376135191
  • This is a suite of lithographs published by Tamarind Institute in 2019. The portfolio was part of Mark's western adventures through Texas, an extension of the two-year project hosted by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, titled The Perilous Texas Adventures of Mark Dion (Feb 8-May 17, 2020). For the Amon Carter project, Dion retraced the footsteps of several nineteenth-century explorers through Texas. His process digs into the oddities and the mundane, the vernacular and the overlooked specimens of culture. The project with Tamarind assembles 19 lithographs in a small wooden box, a tribute to the collecting tools and instruments that these explorers might have used. The Tamarind portfolio, titled Perilous Adventures Field Apparatus, was created in response to the Texas project, and included in the Amon Carter’s site-specific exhibition. Dion’s hand-drawn tools assemble a wry and endearing collection of the early explorer’s analog tool kit.

    This work for sale is a "Printer's Proof" from the private collection of Perry Obee.

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