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Publishing Services

Obee Editions invites artists for publishing projects at no cost to the artist. Publishing projects are selected by Obee Editions based on the potential for productive collaboration. Obee Editions funds these projects and is payed back through sales of the editioned prints.

Invited artists come into the studio to work one-on-one with us over a period of usually 1 to 3 weeks. Working closely with the artist, we guide them through the process and experiment with different printing approaches. Through the collaborative "trial proofing" process our goal is to finish this time with a signed “Approval to Print”. Once this happens, the artist leaves and the edition is printed by Obee Editions to exactly match the signed approval.

We also partner with artists, publishers, gallerists, collectors, and anyone else interested in co-publishing projects. We split the costs of the project as well as the artwork sales. Contact us below if you are interested in co-publishing a project with us.


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Black Mountain, NC 28711

Tel: 330-618-0556

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